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I am an award-winning singer-songwriter from Rutland, UK and a music student specialising in music composition at the University of Leeds. I achieved Grade 8 Distinction in Voice at the age of 15 and released my first album at the age of 12. I have composed music for charity as well as multiple theatre companies, music groups and now professional producers.

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My Story - I create. I innovate. I communicate.

I wrote and released my first album at the age of 12 after being diagnosed with EDS, a rare connective tissue disorder. Ever since then I have been passionate about creating music of all types. I have created jingles, written musicals, collaborated on songs and released my own music. I am currently working on my second album - Confetti.


I lived in the USA from 2016- 2018, during my sixth form, which has given me a strong affinity with the American culture and way of life. There I overcame my stage fright and performed in numerous musicals and plays. I also volunteered at the local arts centre, marketing their in-house productions.

Since moving back to the UK in August 2018, I have completed my second year at the University of Leeds in Music Composition. I am currently halfway through my industry year (see below). I have continued to write music as well as participate in many productions - from performing, producing and directing (see my RESUME for further details). 

Recently, I have been hired to write and sing on projects collaborating with professional producers increasing my exposure and level of performance.










Industry Year

The experience in the USA has given me a passion for communicating and marketing around the globe and thus, for my year in industry, I worked as a Creative and Digital Media Associate for the The MY HERO Project based in California and for the Between the Acts Project in MA. I have also worked as a Writer for

Screen Rant.


My contributions for  MY HERO included music video productions, short video portraits of heroes from the MY HERO Calendar,  interviews with winning filmmakers and activists and original short films. I have been fortunate enough to interview Imtiaz Dharker, a British/Asian poet found on the GCSE and A-Level syllabus, Georgia Bridgers, LGBTQ YouTuber, and Myisha T Hill, Check Your Privilege, to name a few.

At the 2021 MY HERO International Film Festival, I was honoured with the Emerging Artist Award and my film, Do You See Rainbow?, which explores autism through my experiences, came joint first in the Overcoming Obstacles category. I also won the College Song Contest with my song, Dear Mum.” 


At the 2020 Festival, I was awarded first prize for my 'Unsung Hero' song.


Currently, I am offering virtual singing and music theory lessons at very reasonable rates: 

AND I create original sing-a-grams for the bargain price of £10 each:


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For more including covers, reaction videos, interviews etc please visit mYouTube Channel