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I am an award-winning singer-songwriter from Rutland, UK and a music student specialising in music composition at the University of Leeds. I achieved Grade 8 Distinction in Voice at the age of 15 and released my first album at the age of 12. I have composed music for charity as well as multiple theatre companies, music groups and now professional producers.

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My Story - I create. I innovate. I communicate.

I wrote and released my first album at the age of 12 after being diagnosed with EDS, a rare connective tissue disorder. Ever since then I have been passionate about creating music of all types. I have created jingles, written musicals, collaborated on songs and released my own music. I am currently working on my second album - Confetti.


I lived in the USA from 2016- 2018, during my sixth form, which has given me a strong affinity with the American culture and way of life. There I overcame my stage fright and performed in numerous musicals and plays. I also volunteered at the local arts centre, marketing their in-house productions.

Since moving back to the UK in August 2018, I have completed my second year at the University of Leeds in Music Composition. I am currently halfway through my industry year (see below). I have continued to write music as well as participate in many productions - from performing, producing and directing (see my RESUME for further details). 

Recently, I have been hired to write and sing on projects collaborating with professional producers increasing my exposure and level of performance.

Industry Year

The experience in the USA has given me a passion for communicating and marketing around the globe and thus, for my year in industry, I am working as a Creative and Digital Media Associate for the The MY HERO Project based in California and for the Between the Acts Project in MA. I have also worked as a Writer for

Screen Rant.

I am also offering virtual singing and music theory lessons at very reasonable rates: 

AND I create original sing-a-grams for the bargain price of £10 each:


For more including covers, reaction videos, interviews etc please visit mYouTube Channel